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Sunday Sentence

In which I participate in David Abrams’s “Sunday Sentence” project, sharing the best sentence I’ve read during the past week, “out of context and without commentary.”

Until it can be said that the lit-mag community can cover a living wage for its editors and writers, then we must admit the exploitative and exclusionary natures of our economy.

Source: Megan M. Garr, “Hold the Damn Door Open: Idealism Is No Currency,” in Literary Publishing in the Twenty-first Century (edited by Travis Kurowski, Wayne Miller, and Kevin Prufer)

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Friday Finds for Writers

Treasure Chest
Writing-related resources, news, and reflections to enjoy over the weekend. Continue reading ›

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Pre-Shabbat Jewish Literary Links

Photo Credit: Reut Miryam Cohen

Photo Credit: Reut Miryam Cohen

Every Friday My Machberet presents an array of Jewish-interest links, primarily of the literary variety.

  • On my tbr list: The Beauty Queen of Jerusalem by Sarit Yishai-Levi (trans. Anthony Berris)–audio excerpt available via Israel in Translation.
  • Now available: video from an event that I attended a couple of weeks ago at the CUNY Graduate Center, “an evening of powerful readings [that] features new works by writers, artists, and thinkers who never lived through the Holocaust but who ‘inherited’ its trauma. For these ‘children of the Holocaust,’ whose relatives escaped from or died in the Shoah, it is relived, reimagined, and passed on across time. Reflecting on this haunting legacy, the participants include: Leon Botstein, Roger Cohen, Jeremy Eichler, Ruth Franklin, David Greilsammer, Marianne Hirsch, Daniel Mendelsohn, George Prochnik, Jonathan Rosen, Göran Rosenberg, and Sarah Wildman.”
  • The Baruch College Jewish Studies Center’s Sixth Annual Conference is slated for next Tuesday. Titled “Dissent and Dissension: Approaching Ultra-Orthodoxy,” it will include an author panel featuring Judy Brown, Shulem Deen, and Leah Vincent; Nathan Englander will deliver a keynote address. More info here (scroll down the page).
  • “That Episode Where Mary Tyler Moore Defended the Jews”–I didn’t remember the episode (then again, it aired for the first time when I was just three years old). But thanks to Jewniverse, I spent some time watching it this week.
  • “The Anolic Family Awards are now accepting applications for the 2016 cycle. This year there are three awards for artists in different career stages.” Includes one award for Jewish book arts.
  • Shabbat shalom.

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    Midweek Notes from a Practicing Writer


    Over on Poetry Has Value, Jessica Piazza has been posting March stats/tallies from her participating bloggers. I encourage you to read them all. There’s a lot of good stuff in what everyone is sharing.

    But if you’re in a hurry to find this practicing poet’s particulars, you can proceed directly to this post. Continue reading ›

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    Monday Markets and Jobs for Writers

    dollar-sign-mdMonday brings the weekly batch of no-fee competitions/contests, paying submission calls, and jobs for those of us who write (especially those of us who write fiction, poetry, and creative nonfiction). Continue reading ›

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    Words of the Week

    “TAPPER: Senator Sanders told me that Israel’s response in Gaza was disproportionate — that was his word — leading to an unnecessary loss of innocent life.

    And you told ‘The Atlantic’ in 2014 that — quote — ‘Israel did what it had to do to respond to the attacks.’

    What do you make of Senator Sanders’ take on it, that it was disproportionate?

    H. CLINTON: Well, he will have to speak for himself, but…

    TAPPER: You don’t agree, though?

    H. CLINTON: Well, I agree with what I said, which is, when you are being attacked with rockets raining down on your people, and your soldiers are under attack, you have to respond.

    And I think that what I learned when I negotiated the cease-fire between Israel and Hamas in 2012 is that Hamas provokes Israel. They often pretend to have people in civilian garb acting as though they are civilians who are Hamas fighters. And it’s a very difficult undertaking for Israel to target those who are targeting them.

    And I think Israel has had to defend itself. It has a right to defend itself. It did not go seeking this. This was, you know, promoted by Hamas. And I support Israel’s right of self-defense.”

    Source: “State of the Union,” 10 April 2016


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