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Wednesday’s Work-in-Progress: Notes from a Practicing Writer

I’m such a creature of habit. But occasionally, I am prompted to change. This week, I’m thinking about shaking up these Wednesday posts. In part, I’m inspired to do so by the structure and content of this terrific post from C.A. LaRue’s BoneSpark blog. For now, we’ll keep the rubric of “work-in-progress.” But don’t be surprised if these posts get a new title soon. And here’s an early effort to follow the blogging impulses now stirred. Continue reading ›

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Wednesday’s Work-in-Progress

DeathtoStock_Creative Community3I couldn’t decide which of three possible topics to address in this week’s “work-in-progress” post. So I’ve taken what is definitely the easy way out: I am giving you brief summaries of each. (Hey, maybe I should ask which of the three you’d all prefer to hear more about in a subsequent post. What do you think about that?) Continue reading ›

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Friday Finds for Writers

Treasure Chest
Writing-related resources, news, and reflections to enjoy over the weekend.

  • Ethan Gilsdorf shares “5 Things Your Personal Essay Needs to Have.”
  • From Poets & Writers: “Let’s Just Do This: Eleven Small-Press Authors and their Publishing Partners.”
  • “I used to worry about the fact that my writing identity fits no particular niche and that my career seems headed towards no particular goal.” So begins an excellent post by Nina Badzin on “Letting Go of What Comes Next.
  • A terrific Q&A with Mark Polizzotti, who translates into English the work of Patrick Modiano. (And he has a heavy-duty “day job,” too.)
  • And because this message cannot be conveyed too often–a reminder about the range and roominess of the “nonfiction” genre.
  • Have a great weekend!

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    Wednesday’s Work-in-Progress

    Between Rosh Hashanah celebrations/family time and the challenges of a nasty cold, I haven’t been quite so productive, writing-wise, this past week. Things are continuing to hum along at work at Fig Tree Books, so that’s very nice. I received my contributor’s copy of the 2015 Novel and Short Story Writer’s Market in the mail this past week, too, and I’m glad to have it.

    I also managed to send out the October issue of The Practicing Writer, which includes a Q&A with my gifted friend Sara Lippmann about her new story collection, Doll Palace. And yes, I’m already at work on the November issue, which will spotlight another very talented writer–John Vanderslice–and his new collection, Island Fog.

    So, what’s new with all of you?

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    Wednesday’s Work-in-Progress

    ‘Tis a c-r-a-z-y time, folks.

    A lot of that has to do with my job at Fig Tree Books. We’ll be announcing our first list of novels on Monday, September 22. So there’s a lot of behind-the-scenes work going on to make that a smooth and successful day.

    In the meantime:

  • It appears that one of my essays is going to be recorded and re-presented as an audio piece. I spent some time reviewing edits for that over the weekend. More info to be shared in due course.
  • Although I haven’t yet received my contributor copy, the new edition of Novel and Short Story Writer’s Market is out and includes my contribution on virtual book tours.
  • I’ve started a new poem! (On a related note: I also found out this week that my poetry chapbook had lost yet another contest. But the notice included some really nice, encouraging words about my work.)
  • Bonus: Thanks to one of my former supervisors (hi, Tim!), I’ve discovered this excellent post with stock-image recommendations. The one I chose for today’s “work-in-progress” update appealed to me because, for a few days this past week (for once!), my fingernails looked almost as nice as those of the model in the photo. And that’s because another high point of the past week was my midtown lunch with another former co-worker, followed by a surprise luxury–a free manicure!–at a nearby Duane Reade drugstore. (If you happen to be looking for a new nail color for fall, may I recommend “Dress to Kilt”? It looked fab…while it lasted.)

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