Calling All Expatriate Writers for a No-Cost Contest

There’s a new (as far as I know) writing contest in town:’s 2007 Expatriate Writing Contest:

Professionals, freelancers and aspiring writers are invited to write articles which describe their experience living abroad. Making the move to live abroad is for many the ultimate transition — often the fulfillment of a lifelong dream, in other cases the result of chance and circumstance. We are seeking inspiring articles which also provide in-depth practical descriptions of your experience moving and living abroad, including discussions of immigration, personal and family life abroad, housing, work, social interactions with the natives, food, culture, and potential prejudices encountered.

Apart from practical considerations what were the most important physical, psychological, and social adjustments necessary to integrate into the local communities? Feel free to include anecdotes about locals who may have aided in your adjustment to the physical conditions and social mores of the host community, as well as the role of expats in providing information and support.

A listing or reference to the most important websites, publications, and other resources which have aided you in the cultural adjustment process or enhanced your current life abroad is encouraged to help others who may find themselves in similar situations or even similar locations.

In sum, we do not seek diaries or personal blogs, but your own perspective in which the host country remains the primary focus, such that the color and taste of the people and land remain in the foreground.

The top three entries will be published on Their authors will win $250, $100, and $75, respectively. And there’s NO ENTRY FEE.

Payment for other entries chosen for publication on will be $50.

Deadline: December 31, 2006.

Read the complete announcement and guidelines here.