The Wednesday Web Browser for Writers

  • Maybe you weren’t able to make it to the recent Association of Writers and Writing Programs (AWP) panel on “The Good Review.” Or maybe, like me, you were lucky enough to be in the audience that morning, but you’d like to revisit all of the wonderful insights that were shared that day. In either case, you’ll be glad to know that Fiction Writers Review is presenting a series of the panelists’ talks online. First up: Jeremiah Chamberlin. (Also coming this week: Charles Baxter, Stacey D’Erasmo, and Keith Taylor.)
  • The next issue of The Practicing Writer will feature an interview with author Ellen Meeropol (House Arrest). One subject touched on in the interview is the challenge of writing about politics in fiction. In this blog post, Ellen shares additional ideas on that subject.
  • In the Wall Street Journal, writing professor Dean Bakopoulos explains “How Reading Junot Diaz Can Help America Prosper.” (via @FictionWriters)
  • Interesting review-essay in the Boston Globe on writing about the death of a loved one. (via @JewishMuse)
  • And on a personal note: My precious nephew (age 4 1/2) is becoming a practicing writer! As with many other activities, writing is harder for him than it should be, and we’re all extremely proud of each and every advance. No one is prouder than his devoted Mommy (my sister).