Friday Finds for Writers

For the weekend: some writing-related reflections, news, and resources to enjoy.

  • Let’s begin with an item from ASJA’s “The Word” blog, in which freelancer Margie Goldsmith tells us “How to Conduct a Successful Interview.”
  • Next up: “The more I looked at stories where I’d never read past page one, the more I realized how many of them lacked clarity. Even as I read, I never really knew what was going on. Or I couldn’t keep the characters straight. Or I couldn’t picture the physical details being thrown my way. And this lack of clarity was preventing me from being engrossed enough to turn the page.” So writes Robin Black, in a terrific (and for this practicing writer, wonderfully timely) “rerun” Beyond the Margins post on story beginnings.
  • “What’s the state of American fiction today? VPR Presents Washington Post Book Critic Ron Charles. He speaks at the Vermont College of Fine Arts with VCFA President, Thomas Greene, about the decision not to award a Pulitzer Prize for fiction last year, how books are selected for review, and why people really read ‘Fifty Shades Of Grey’.” I’m setting aside some time this weekend to listen.
  • This will also require some sustained attention: a list of the 20 most popular freelancing-related posts of the year (so far) on Carol Tice’s blog.
  • Finally, I’m very proud of this piece, “Remembering Munich, in Fact and Fiction,” which went live on The Forward‘s Arty Semite blog yesterday. The “fiction” in question is my own (“Homecomings,” a story in Quiet Americans). I may have more to say about this post next week. For now, I’ll just be grateful if you read it.
  • Have a great weekend, all. See you back here on Monday.