Weekend Web Wanderings

Usually, I limit writing-link roundups to the “Friday Finds” posts. But I’ve run across so many interesting items over the past couple of days that I’m going sharing an exceptional set of “Weekend Web Wanderings” today as well. Hope that you enjoy!

  • Over on the Ploughshares blog, Rebecca Makkai advocates “writing as if…”. (h/t @occasionallyzen)
  • There’s something kind of whiny about this piece by Lionel Shriver on how much non-writing is involved in a writer’s work life. But there’s also something true about it.
  • Fascinating interview with poet Nikki Finney. Among the thought-provoking morsels: “Nobody wants to hear your rant. If you want to rant and if you want to be full of rage, you can put that in your journal book. Art is about the provocative, but it is also about the beautiful. I never forget that. They go hand in hand for me.”
  • Carol Tice takes on the subject of early-reader reviews–and how to make them better.
  • And I’m cheating a bit with this one. Let’s just say that I’ve recently been “inspired” to revisit my own “7 Reasons This Writer May Unfollow You on Twitter.”