Friday Finds for Writers

Treasure Chest
Writing-related resources, news, and reflections to enjoy over the weekend.

  • Maud Newton has launched a new series, “The Family Tree,” on the Tin House blog, featuring “brief but wide-ranging interviews with authors about ancestry.” Christopher Beha appears in the first installment. Such a super topic, and I’m so eager to read future interviews.
  • How Lisa Romeo became a teacher of writing.
  • You may have heard about the Amy Clampitt residency program, which offers residencies at the poet’s former home (heck, you may have heard about it from The Practicing Writer!). Well, NPR has some fascinating background.
  • In which writer Nina Badzin answers some questions about “how she got published and featured on SO MANY great sites, and shares her experience with submissions and being featured.”
  • There can never be too many reminders of how to “behave” on Twitter. Which is why I appreciate this post from Annie Neugebauer on Writer Unboxed.
  • Have a great weekend, everyone!