Midweek Notes from a Practicing Writer

Three quick things.

1. What are your writing dreams? I’m not talking about your goals/aspirations. I’m talking about those things that happen when you sleep.

I had one of those writing dreams on Monday night, and it inspired me to start this Twitter thread (which, to be honest, hasn’t really taken off—yet?).

Please chime in! (And don’t forget the hashtag, #WriterDreams.)

2. Also shared previously on Twitter: AWP is one week away. If, like me, you aren’t planning to attend this year, you may be happy to know that some programming (including Colson Whitehead’s keynote) will be accessible via the AWP website.

3. This past week brought my first foray onto the Zoom platform. Those of you who offer independent web-based courses/seminars/lectures: Which platform(s) have you found most intuitive/easy-to-learn? Bonus points if they’re free/modestly priced!