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Description: closed trunk and text label announcing, "Finds for Writers."

Each Friday, the Practicing Writing blog shares writing and publishing resources, news, and reflections to peruse over the weekend.

  • From poet Sean Singer: thoughts (and practical suggestions regarding) professional development as “a place to cultivate mutual cooperation and collective support.” Although poets are the target audience here, the advice applies across genres.
  • Back-to-school edition of the AP’s latest topical guide.
  • Because it can’t be said too often: “Hey friends. I am begging you to PLEASE PLEASE immediately withdraw from other lit mags when your piece is accepted elsewhere. Editors & readers are often working for free. Be considerate & don’t waste our time! Thank you!”—Maureen Langloss (on Twitter).
  • “The Best Editing Advice: Read and Record Your Work Out Loud”—by Charlotte Maya via the Brevity blog.
  • And over on My Machberet, you’ll find the final set of Jewish lit links for the year 5783. Which reminds me: I’m wishing everyone who celebrates Rosh Hashanah a very happy, healthy, and sweet new year.

Reminder: At September’s midpoint, plenty of opportunities included in our latest newsletter remain open for submissions. Be sure that you haven’t missed them!

And a good weekend to all.

Description: closed trunk and text label announcing, "Finds for Writers."

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