Here’s an interesting find (thanks to the folks over at for the tip). “is a totally free, totally open, collaborative resource created in May 2006 by a writer/editor in New York who wanted to organize her collection of magazine mastheads and decided to do it online. With the help of other freelance peeps like herself, 15 mastheads turned into 70, and now the goal is to get every major title out there, with up-to-the-minute updates and staff changes.” Benefit from the findings to date, and add to the collection if you’re so inclined.

UPDATE, July 20, 2006:

Well, that was fast. Seems that this resource is no longer free. That’s too bad. (If you become a regular contributor, however, you can still access the full database free of charge.)

New Review Posted

Check out this great review of the new edition of our guide to literary contests for writers of book-length fiction:

I was very happy to come across The Practicing Writer’s Literary Contest Directory for Writers of Book-Length Fiction. It’s concise, easy to use, and more than worth its price for several hours saved that I otherwise would have spent combing the internet–hours better spent getting my manuscript ready for submitting!

Not only did Ms. Dreifus put more than thirty five contests all in one pleasing format, but she included very helpful information that the newbie contest entrant will find invaluable (and the veteran will appreciate looking over again).

If you’re finishing up a literary novel or adding one more story to that collection, I recommend getting this ebook early so that you can plan ahead for contest deadlines.

(Incidentally, the Practicing Writer’s blog and newsletter are always very helpful.)


See the review posted at the guide’s Web page, where you can also download a complimentary preview of the e-book.

Richard Chess, Image Artist of the Month

I cannot tell you how happy I am to discover that poet Richard Chess is the current Image “Artist of the Month.” Ever since I had the great good fortune to meet him through my MFA program (he’s no longer affiliated with that program, but I was lucky enough to have him among my thesis advisors), Rick Chess has been one of my favorite people. Rick offers yet another example of the presence of truly talented writers-who-teach who can also be truly generous. (Or, as another poet quite accurately summarized it to me when we were talking about our common acquaintance, “Rick’s a mensch.”)

Read Rick’s beautiful book, Chair in the Desert (my signed copy is one of my prized possessions). Read what Image has posted about him online. And read “Kaddish,” which appeared in Image #42 and has been anthologized in Best American Spiritual Writing 2005 and in Telling and Remembering: A Century of American Jewish Poetry.

Attention, Manitoba Writers!

The Winnipeg Public Library invites applications for a Writer-in-Residence position, which will begin November 1, 2006, and last for eight months (subject to funding).

Applications are welcome from residents of Manitoba who have published at least two books professionally. “Previous experience in teaching, writing or as a manuscript evaluator/editor/mentor would be an asset.”

There’s a salary of $2,500/month. Application deadline: July 14, 2006. There’s no application fee.

For more information about the residency and application instructions, click here.

New Magazine Looking for Short Story (Pays: $100)

A new Illinois magazine for St. Charles, Geneva, and Batavia is looking for a short story to be published in its inaugural (Winter) issue. Called metro 31 (referring to Route 31, which runs through all three towns), the magazine will pay $100 for the story within 30 days of publication (in this case, by December 5). “While this opportunity is open to any and all writers, being knowledgeable about St. Charles, Geneva, and Batavia is a huge plus.”

Read the full announcement here.

Literary Magazine Suspending Publication

I’m sad about this. A few days ago I received a letter from Daniel Caplice Lynch, editor-in-chief of New York Stories. Over the past few years I’ve submitted several stories to this literary magazine, and I’ve frequently received kind and encouraging responses.

Unfortunately, my work never made it into the magazine’s pages. In this latest note I learned that New York Stories is at the end of its run with the summer issue (although this information does not yet seem to be on the Web site). It will be missed.