Irène Némirvosky and the Jewish Question

Unfortunately, I was unable to attend last week’s panel discussion at the Museum of Jewish Heritage on “Irène Némirovsky and the Jewish Question.” On the bright side, though, the Museum has made podcast segments available on its Web site, and I’ve had some time this weekend to listen. Well worth my time, and, if you’re interested in Némirvosky and her work, quite likely worth yours, too.

More from Moment Magazine: Upcoming Events

In addition to its excellent content, the latest issue of Moment magazine announces two particularly interesting (and free) events.

First, on December 9, Moment will celebrate the most recent winners of the Moment-Karma Short Fiction Contest. Geraldine Brooks, who judged this year’s contest, will also participate. This event will take place in New York City; for more information, click here. (By the way, the deadline for the next competition is coming up on December 1. For details, click here.)

And on Monday, December 22, Moment and the Foundation for Jewish Culture will present this year’s Emerging Writer Awards “to showcase talented writers who have published at least one book, but have not yet received widespread recognition.” This year’s winner of the Goldberg Prize for Fiction is Anya Ulinich for Petropolis; the Handelsman Prize for Non-fiction is Harry Bernstein for The Invisible Wall. The awards presentation and reception will take place in Washington, DC. Click here for details.

The State of Jewish Fiction: A Panel Discussion

I won’t be able to attend this event, but if you’re in New York City tomorrow evening and have the time and inclination you may want to stop by the Tenement Museum and sit in on a panel on “The State of Jewish Fiction.” From the Web site: “Jewish writers, including Joshua Henkin, Binnie Kirshenbaum, Ellen Feldman, and Tova Mirvis discuss faith and culture in literature today. The authors will debate the role graduate writing programs play in shaping contemporary literature.” The event is co-sponsored by JBooks and begins at 6:30 pm. Details here.