Publishers Weekly Seeks Reviewers

Publishers Weekly–yes, that Publishers Weekly–is looking for reviewers with expertise in the following fiction categories:

–Historical Romance
–Romantic Suspense
–African-American Commercial Fiction
–Street Lit
–Chick Lit
–Family Sagas

If you’re interested, they want to see a short e-mail query including your qualifications and relevant publication credits. You should also e-mail your resume (paste it within the message).

You can find contact information at the craigslist announcement.

Regional/Local History Authors Sought

Just caught this interesting announcement:

The History Press is searching for historians and archivists who are interested in publishing regional and local history books about Massachusetts and Connecticut.

History Press books focus on a particular town or region. We have developed a variety of series that 1)provide authors with guidance on how to present their work and 2)attract readers and encourage sales. We also accept books for publication on history subjects not captured by the series we have established.

The History Press is a traditional trade publisher, meaning that we handle all stages of publishing including financing, sales, marketing, and distribution and compensate in the form of royalties. We are not a vanity press. For more information and to view our catalogue, see or e-mail the New England Commissioning editor, Maureen Benes.

For more information, read the full announcement at H-Net and/or visit the publisher’s Web site.

New Market for Writing on Writing

Just found out about a new (low-paying, but paying) bi-weekly e-zine for writers, Coffee Break for Writers. The editor really seems to have thought a lot about what she wants in the content, and offers detailed guidelines at the site. You can also request an even more specific theme list.

Remember, you’ll find many more possibilities in our new guide, WRITERS’ MARKETS: Where To Sell What You Write When You Write About Writing. Download your free preview (with sample market listings) today!