More Resources for Hurricane-Affected Writers

Just a quick note to remind you about our blog page listing emergency resources for writers. This page began in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. It was updated this past weekend to include two more programs:

1) Louisiana Cultural Economy Foundation Program
Post Office Box 44202
Baton Rouge, LA 70804
Tel. 225.342.8196
(Deadline: April 3, 2006)

“In an effort to defray the costs related to physical loss or property damage, relocation, or other specific economic harm suffered as a result of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, the Foundation has earmarked designated relief funds to aid Louisiana’s cultural economy in its recovery.” Grants funds may support individual artists; cultural economy small business; and galleries, museums, collectives and nonprofit cultural organizations. Grants to individual artists may not exceed $5,000; grants to artist businesses and small/medium-size organizations generally may not exceed $10,000; and grants to nonprofit cultural organizations may not exceed $25,000. Download the application/full guidelines at the website, and/or contact the Foundation for complete information.

2) A Studio in the Woods Restoration Residencies
13401 River Road
New Orleans, LA 701131-3204
info (at)
(application fee on a sliding scale, $5-$20)

“As our response to the devastating effects of Hurricane Katrina, A Studio in the Woods has created eight four-week residencies during February 2006-January 2007…for New Orleans visual artists, musicians, composers, writers and performing artists who have lost their homes in the hurricane and are displaced into other cities and communities.” In addition to food, lodging, and studio space, the residency awards include transportation costs to and from New Orleans and within the city (up to $1350), a $2000 stipend, and assistance from staff members. Visit the website for full guidelines/an application. Note that applications must be postmarked (or received by e-mail) “on the 25th day of the second month preceding the residency you want.” (As an example, January 25, 2006 for a March 2006 residency. However, the deadline for February residency applications has been extended to January 22, 2006.)

How to Write an Op-Ed (and Where to Send It)

If you’re writing opinion essays (and want to be publishing them), you might want to check out this Op-Ed Resource from the DeWitt Wallace Center at Duke University. The good news is that it offers plenty of tips for writing a good piece (and representative op-eds with explanations of why they’re effective). And you’ll also find plenty of information about newspapers, magazines, and websites that publish op-eds.

The not-so-good news is that the site doesn’t seem to have been updated very recently, so you’ll definitely need to double-check (and maybe “Google” to find new links for) the market information provided.

(Of course, if you’re seeking potential homes for your essays you can also consult our own Directory of Paying Essay Markets.)

Playwriting for Beginners

More than once I’ve heard this comment about one (or more) of my short stories: “This would make a great play.” Maybe. Trouble is, I don’t have any training as a playwright.

So of course this morning’s “Playing Around” post on the MBToolbox caught my interest. All kinds of tips and suggestions for the aspiring playwright. Check it out.

(I’ll be offline for a few days–off to a conference. Check back next week!

Help for Creative Writing Students Displaced by Katrina

I’ve just received an e-mail from AWP (the Association of Writers and Writing Programs) which reads, in part:

If you are a creative writing student and your college or university has been closed due to the destruction of Hurricane Katrina, you should know that AWP has identified creative writing programs ready to accommodate you. Please call AWP for help. (703) 993-4301.”