Friday Find: “7 Reasons This Writer May Unfollow You on Twitter”

For your weekend reading pleasure, may I recommend my essay, posted yesterday on The Writer magazine’s website? The piece reveals some Twitter trends (no pun intended) that make me peevish. NB: The essay is free to read, but you do need to be registered with to access it completely.

Enjoy, and have a great weekend!

The Wednesday Web Browser for Writers

  • Literary translator Peter Constantine describes his current work: translating early Chekhov stories.
  • Five “quick and dirty” submission tips from a lit-mag editor.
  • Lots of writers I know love The Sun, so I suspect that many of you will appreciate this interview with the magazine’s managing editor, Tim McKee. (via Leslie Pietrzyk)
  • Counsel on clips from freelancing expert Linda Formichelli.
  • I’ll be investigating this “Ultimate List of Twitter Tools.” (via @davidbcrowley)
  • And I’m bookmarking these “simple writing exercises” from Brian Klems.
  • Earlier this week I blogged about “My Year in Jewish Books” on my other blog (My Machberet, which focuses on matters of Jewish literary and cultural interest). Stay tuned for a “meta-post” in which I reflect on that post’s revelations.
  • The Wednesday Web Browser for Writers

  • Roxane Gay writes about “Modern Submission Convenience,” and what is gained–and lost–now that we have it.
  • Haruki Murakami is in the news quite a bit these days for his new book, IQ84. Read an excerpt that was published a few weeks ago in The New Yorker (translation by Jay Rubin).
  • The New York Times asks: “Will Amazon’s plan shake up the book publishing industry as more writers have the option of a one-stop shop: agent, publisher and bookseller? Are publishers still needed?” A virtual roundtable of respondents replies.
  • I’ll ‘fess up: I’ve fallen prey to the “advisor/adviser” dilemma.
  • Ever wonder about all of those “#WW” and “#FF” hashtags on Twitter? Debbie Ridpath Ohi explains and advises.
  • Also regarding the world of social media: The new issue of Poets & Writers includes an article by Thomas Israel Hopkins on “how to use LinkedIn to connect with your community.
  • And still more about social media, this time via Galleycat’s post on “5 Ways to Improve Your Facebook Page.”
  • Friday Find: Best Tweeps for Writers to Follow

    Robert “My Name Is Not Bob” Lee Brewer posted his (apparently now-annual) list of “Best Tweeps for Writers to Follow” last week, and I am surprised and honored to find myself listed (and within the “tweeps who are kinda like gurus” category, no less!).

    Whether you’re just getting started on Twitter, or you want to consider some additional writing-focused tweeps to follow, go check out the list and its creative categories. Huge thanks to Robert for doing this work (and for including me!).

    Have a good weekend, everyone. See you back here on Monday.

    Friday Find: CLMP Audio Archive

    Since I’m home on medical leave these days, I actually have more time than usual to listen to podcasts. And I’m happy to have discovered this audio archive from the Council of Literary Magazines & Presses (CLMP), which features recordings from past panels and sessions of the Association of Writers & Writing Programs (AWP) and the Literary Writers Conference (LWC).

    You’ll find here an impressive range of topics. I’ve just dipped into the recording of “Marketing Your Book Online: Virtual Touring, Social Media, and Promotion in the Digital Age,” but I suspect that several others–“Rejection, Revision, Resubmission” and “So You’ve Made an eBook–Now What,” just for starters–are not too distant in my listening future.

    Enjoy the weekend, and see you back here next week.