Back Home

Had a great time away, and picked up some news for those of you who may be visiting Nantucket, Massachusetts, later this month: “Bookmark on the Beach” is slated for Sunday, August 26, 2007. It will feature Debby Applegate, Christopher Hitchens, Robert Pinsky, and Josh Ritter, among others, and a special tribute to David Halberstam is planned. Details here.

(By the way, my little niece loves the book I brought her, and has even begun coming up with some “poetry” [rhymes] of her own.)

Friday Find (A Few Hours Early)

“Writers and Money.”

Caught your attention yet?

Victoria Strauss gives us a lot to consider on the subject in this meaty post. That’s the Friday find for you to chew on over the weekend.

And speaking of the weekend, I am going on vacation (a Friday morning to Monday evening vacation, but a vacation nonetheless). I am going to the beach! I am going to benefit from the generosity of my sister and brother-in-law (and their interest in having adoring Aunt Erika around to help care for the two little ones, ages 4 and 1) and share in their enviably longer stay in paradise.

As my “house gift,” I am bringing along a new book for my niece, a book I discovered via the Publishers Weekly “Children’s Bookshelf” newsletter: Karen Jo Shapiro’s I Must Go Down to the Beach Again and Other Poems. It’s a really cute little volume (take a look here) and I can’t wait to read it to my niece and her baby brother.

So I’ll see you back here Tuesday. Have a great few days!

Friday Find: Free Time!

You know what? Today I am going to share the best find of all: free time. My “day job” office has a special schedule for six summer weeks: We work longer days (with shorter lunches) Monday-Thursday, and in return we get Fridays OFF. Hence my later-than-usual post this morning, because I did not set my alarm. Hence the sense that I am on a beautiful, brief vacation. Hence the freedom to go easy, enjoy the day (I am so looking forward to meeting an old friend, in town from many miles away this week, for lunch in a few hours), and not attack everything on my to-do list/routine right away (though I should try to go out for a jog along the East River before the heat really kicks in for the day). So there’s no “practical” find listed this morning. Just a glorious sense of rest and refreshment. It’s a precious discovery, and one I hope you can share sometime soon.

(Very) Brief Hiatus

Hey, everyone, I’m taking off later today for a long weekend back in Boston. I won’t be on e-mail/the Internet for awhile, so check back here on Monday for new posts. Have a great few days!