Please note that Erika is not able to accept unsolicited review copies of books for review at this time.

Erika is currently on hiatus from conducting book-publicity campaigns, although she is available on a limited basis for consultations.

If you are writing to invite Erika to participate in a reading or teach in your program/conference, please note that Erika is based in New York City and budget for travel expenses accordingly. You may also “book” Erika via the Jewish Book Council’s “Read On” speakers’ bureau.

If you are writing to submit a contest listing or call for submissions for The Practicing Writer newsletter or the Practicing Writing blog, please note that Erika considers publicizing only those opportunities that do not charge any fees to writers AND that pay writers for their work. (She may make exceptions for sharing, on the My Machberet blog and/or within the Jewish Writing Resources section of her website, fee-charging/nonpaying venues that seek work of specifically Jewish interest, since that pool is significantly smaller.)

If you are writing to share a “success story” resulting from something that Erika has shared in her newsletter and/or on her blog(s), thank you! Please note unless you specify otherwise, Erika may share your news in a future newsletter/blog post, and/or on social media.

Thanks very much!