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In early 2004, Erika launched a free monthly e-newsletter, The Practicing Writer.

In early 2020, the newsletter moved from the YahooGroups platform to Substack (thus acquiring an edited title: The Practicing Writer 2.0). Please subscribe (or resubscribe) at Substack!

Each issue includes:

  • a highlighted online resource to assist you with your writing practice;
  • announcements for upcoming contests and similar opportunities, none of which charge entry/reading/processing fees, and all of which pay for winning work.
  • a “Submission Alerts!!!” section, where Erika keeps subscribers posted about calls from paying literary journals and anthologies and nuances in editorial calendars (also limited to fee-free opportunities that pay); and
  • reminders of relevant content from Erika’s blogs.

What Writers Say

“If you don’t already subscribe to Erika Dreifus‘ free monthly newsletter The Practicing Writer you may be missing some great opportunities. It’s a nice reminder that you need to submit your writing on a regular basis to get your work out there… it’s also a nice reminder that you need to write!”
Trish Hopkinson

“Just sending gratitude for all your hard work–you offer some of the best opportunities for writers. Much thanks.”
Hunter Liguore

“One of the best sources of resources for writers. Sign up for her free newsletter at her site.”
Betsy Robinson

“Just want to remind you that there are those out there – such as myself – who really appreciate this newsletter both for its offerings and for the community it creates.”
Joy Gaines-Friedler

“I wanted to write and thank you for helping me get a short story on the web. You posted a call for submissions from a blog called Writing Through Your Divorce a little while ago. I had a piece I thought might fit, submitted it and heard last week that it is to go up today. I’m even getting paid! The link is You give so much of your time and energy to helping other writers and it is very much appreciated.”

Best wishes,
–Clive Collins

“Just dropping a quick line to say thanks for compiling all these resources. As Duotrope and similar services charge fees and add to the burden of the writing life, sites like yours restore my faith in the literary community.”
John Davis Jr.

“Just a note to say how much I appreciate your newsletter. I especially enjoy the many submission opportunities that you proffer. It’s nice to have someone doing homework for us. Your newsletter is relevant and very beneficial.”
Charles Weinblatt

“Just a note to thank you for drawing my attention to Wordrunner echapbooks. Their Spring chapbook is my novella “Our Place”, three stories about how a man loses pieces of his life on a religious kibbutz in Israel. They’ve been a joy to work with, and even paid money.”
Atar Hadari

“Hi, Erika. I get many newsletters dealing with writing, many of which do not always yield useful information. Your newsletter always does. I particularly appreciate the current one on creative nonfiction, an area in which I’ve dipped a toe and have already ordered the Rose Metal book and am delighted to learn about the Gutkind one.”
—H.D. Alcaro

“Thanks for publishing the Practicing Writer. I am often inspired, encouraged, and pleased by articles I read within.”
Nancy Andres, Health & Lifestyle Writer

“Just wanted to let you know that I love your newsletter for writers. There is always good information relevant to my writing life. Thank you for the time and care you put into it…you are appreciated!”
Monica Devine

“Thanks for such a great newsletter. It’s always packed full of valuable information.”
—Mike Hooker

“I owe you a thank you, and though it is overdue – here it is. I’ve been following the Practicing Writer blog and receiving your newsletter (both wonderful, by the way) for a few years. Way back in July 2008 you posted that Second Story, a small press here in Canada, was looking for fiction manuscripts. I had just finished writing my first novel, so sent it off to them. Well, they bought the manuscript! [The Last River Child] came out in Canada last fall and is being released in the US this month [March 2010]. I’ve been wanting to share my happy story with you for a while and to thank you for your part in my success…. Please encourage your readers to keep writing and to keep submitting! ”
Lori Ann Bloomfield

“Just want to tell you your newsletter is one of the most helpful I’ve found, on or off the Web. Especially the market lists and contests with no fees. Thanks!”
— Lorraine S.

“Dear Erika: I’ve been receiving your newsletter for several months and just wanted to thank you for this free service. The time and effort you take to inspire and support other writers is appreciated. I look forward to each issue: the featured article, workshop entries, freelance opportunities, and contest listings. [….] Again, many thanks.”
— Katharine Morgan

“[The Practicing Writer is] one of my essential writing resources that just happens to be in digital format. [….]This newsletter contains an amazing array of free and low-fee writing competitions every month.”
— Achaessa James, Editor, Whidbey Island Writers Association Newsletter, August-September 2006

“Hello, Erika. I LOVE your newsletter. It is practical and is helping me quite a bit as I pursue my writing career. Keep up the good work!”
— Erin Di Paolo

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