Brief Book Reviews (2021)

For the most part, this page will reflect what I post about my reading on Goodreads. Frankly, what I’m posting are really brief notes, not book reviews.

In any case: Books that I receive as complimentary review copies will be noted as such. The most recent reading is listed first.

  • The Pilot and the Little Prince: The Life of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry by Peter Sís (Frances Foster Books/FSG, 2014). Gorgeous illustrations. Almost seems a bit more geared toward adult readers, with extensive “back matter” information moved up to the main pages (albeit in tiny print) alongside the text. Read this one as part of my ongoing education in picture-book bios (and because j’adore Le petit prince)
  • Survival in Auschwitz: A Memoir by Primo Levi, translated by Stuart Woolf from the 1958 Italian edition (Touchstone, 1996). Although I’d read excerpts, I hadn’t yet read the full memoir.
  • The Man Who Loved His Wife by Jennifer Anne Moses (Mayapple Press, 2021). An excellent book of short stories. Complimentary review copy.