Where to Read (and Publish) Writing on Jewish Themes

Last updated: May 2024.

Of course, it’s always possible to find Jewish-themed stories, poems, and essays published in a variety of “secular” or mainstream media. For more tips on that, please click here; for some important caveats post-October 7, 2023, click here.

But many magazines, journals, and websites specifically welcome and/or promote “Jewish” writing. (I also include here several Israel-based English-language publications, which are by no means limited to such writing, but encompass it.) This page provides you with links to some examples, representing a range of theological, political, and other orientations. As with every resource list, please be sure to familiarize yourself well with each offering to ensure that it’s a place where you feel you (and your work) belong.

Also: Listings appear here for informational purposes only; please do not interpret inclusion as an endorsement/recommendation.

Those of you who are familiar with my Practicing Writing blog and newsletter know that I tend to list only to publications/opportunities that will pay writers for their work. But in this case, because the pool is relatively small, I’m also including nonpaying publications. Similarly, although I normally share only those calls/outlets that don’t charge reading/submission fees, some of the venues listed below may be fee-charging.

As always, I welcome any “success stories” that may result for you from these tips.

(Important: In most cases, I have linked to the outlet’s main page. If you’re specifically seeking submission guidelines, look for tabs such as “Submissions” or “Write For Us”; sometimes, this information is tucked beneath a broader tab such as “About Us” or “Contact.”)

NB: Although they may not necessarily publish poetry, fiction, or memoir, the American Jewish Press Association‘s member publications also offer wonderful resources for Jewish writing and writers. Unfortunately, the member directory/search function is now behind a membership paywall. The Association’s own Twitter list of member publications can help you identify many of them. Strategic Googling (“Jewish newspapers”) can also yield additional possibilities.