Nextbook’s Call for Film Festival Criticism

According to its Web site, Nextbook is partnering with The Jewish Museum and the Film Society of Lincoln Center “to bring an exciting opportunity to our New York area readers: the chance to be a film critic-for-a-day. If you attend any of the 32 screenings that are part of the 2009 New York Jewish Film Festival, you will be eligible to submit a review to be published on”

Nextbook will be giving away two tickets for each of the festival’s screenings. But whether you respond to the ticket offer or not (or in time to obtain complimentary admission), you’ll still be welcome to review festival films and submit them to Nextbook. The filmgoer who writes the best review will receive a boxed set of the Nextbook/Schocken Jewish Encounters book series, plus a one-year membership to The Jewish Museum.

Details and guidelines, as well as information on the festival films, are all available at the Web site.