New Web site for Jewish-themed Writing to Launch

Updated on September 10 to indicate that the new site’s editor is Los Angeles-based Kelly Hartog.

I want to thank Lawrence Schimel for forwarding this announcement to me. Please note: I have not been able to locate an active Web site yet, but I suspect that will come with the actual launch. Definitely something I’ll be watching for.

Dear All,

I’m excited to say that I’m about to launch my new Web site – Scribblers on the Roof!

Send submissions to submissions(at) or send your thoughts, views, ideas to editor(at)jscribes(dot)com. Submission details are below – keep reading!

Scribblers on the Roof was born out of a need for a dedicated place for both established and emerging writers of fiction and poetry with Jewish themes to submit their work. While there are some wonderful Jewish publications that have small sections for for creative writing they are few and far between and they are not dedicated solely to the craft of poetry and prose.

There are also many many fine “non-Jewish” literary publications where writers can submit their work. However, sometimes a piece may contain certain references or even words in Hebrew or Yiddish that a non-Jewish audience may simply not understand.

Scribblers on the Roof is also dedicated to allowing Jewish writers to connect with one another, and support and encourage each other in their literary pursuits. We aim to bring together writers of Jewish poetry and fiction from around the globe, showcase their talents, provide resources for their work, as well as host competitions, and challenge writers to delve into their Jewish backgrounds.

Launch is in September 09. Please submit your work and be part of our official launch!


* Scribblers on the Roof welcomes unsolicited submissions of original fiction and poetry only.
* All submissions must have identifiable Jewish themes or content.
* You may submit previously published work only if you have retained the rights to your piece. Please state where and when the piece was previously published and confirm that you have permission to publish on Scribblers on the Roof.
* Scribblers on the Roof accepts simultaneous submissions
* Fiction submissions may be anywhere from 500-5,000 words.
* Fiction submissions over 1,500 words deemed suitable for publication will be serialized over a period of weeks depending on the length of the story.
* Poetry submissions must be no more than 4 pages.
* Scribblers on the Roof only accepts electronic submissions
* Send submissions to submissions(at)
* All submissions must be in a Word Doc (.doc), double-spaced and in 12-point font.
* Please include your name, email address and word count, and a short, relevant biography (no more than two lines) on a separate page.
* If your piece is accepted for publication, you will be notified by email.

2 thoughts on “New Web site for Jewish-themed Writing to Launch

  1. Michael A. Burstein says:

    I notice that those guidelines say nothing about payment yet.

  2. Erika D. says:

    I noticed that too, Michael. I do post (potentially) nonpaying opportunities on this blog, though I don't on my other blog, which is exclusively focused on the practice of writing. In any case, I hope that when the Web site is launched, payment is something that will be addressed there.

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