Interview with Kelly Hartog, Founding Editor of Scribblers on the Roof (Part Two)

Welcome to the second installment of our multi-part interview with Kelly Hartog, founding editor of Scribblers on the Roof, an online forum for Jewish fiction and poetry. To see the first post, please click here.

Erika Dreifus (ED): What do you hope readers will gain from Scribblers on the Roof?

Kelly Hartog (KH): I want my readers to know that there is some extraordinary work out there by talented, creative writers that can nourish their heart and soul. There’s been a lot of negativity regarding what is a “Jewish writer” and why people use that label? Scribblers doesn’t. There is simply so much rich material within the Jewish realm that people can tap into, so why not use it in your writing, especially if that’s where your source material comes from? That’s why our contributors don’t have to be Jewish. They just need to write with a Jewish theme or concept.

Also, many of our readers are also our writers. All writers love to see their work published, and in turn, most writers are truly supportive of their fellow scribblers. They know what it’s like to be in the trenches, and I want our writers to have the opportunity to share their work, have it seen by others and to inspire and be inspired by their fellow writers. It’s ultimately about creating a community. That’s why I make sure we have links to events, readings, contests, anything that is out there that will help our writers have their work published elsewhere in what is clearly a niche market, and that will allow readers access to other wonderful authors. We’re not about being insular. Scribblers is about connecting with others and promoting great Jewish-themed writing to everyone.

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