January in Paris

J’adore Paris! There are many reasons I’d be happy to be planning another trip to this beautiful city. But for the purposes of this blog, I’ll point simply to a series of Jewish-inflected literary events that will be taking place there the evening of January 23 and all day on January 24, 2010.

These “rencontres,” bringing together “Livres des mondes juifs” (“Books from/of Jewish worlds”) and “Diasporas en dialogue,” have taken place for the past couple of years. (If you understand French, you will enjoy the archived videos from 2008 and 2009.) This year’s program will begin with a session on “Minorities and Citizenship in France,” followed by a reading and discussion with Amos Oz. Several more events will take place on the program’s second, full day, and books will be available for purchase. Check out the full program and ticket information.

(And if any of you should happen to be lucky enough to find yourselves attending all or part of the program, please get in touch with me about the possibility of a guest post!)