YU Soy Seforim Book Sale Continues Through 2/15

“The SOY Seforim Sale, the largest Jewish book sale in North America, is operated by the students of Yeshiva University. The sale provides discounted prices on the widest selection of rabbinic and academic literature, cookbooks, children’s books, music and lecture CDs, and educational software.” Lasts through Monday in NYC.

2 thoughts on “YU Soy Seforim Book Sale Continues Through 2/15

  1. Chaim Weiss says:

    I just bought the sefer Bain Hashuroth (Hebrew)at the seforim sale . The sefer is on the parsha of the week with the commentary from the Ramban together with the writings of the Rambam. It’s fabulous!

    Never saw a sefer like this one! Just wanted to share my thoughts if anyone else would be interested in such a great sefer. It has the Haskama from Rabbi Hershel Schacter.

    1. Erika Dreifus says:

      Thanks for sharing!

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