When I first heard about the establishment of, two aspects of the new online venue for English-language fiction on Jewish themes caught my attention.

First, I was impressed to learn that Toronto-based Dr. Nora Gold was the editorial brain behind the venture. I discovered Gold’s story collection, Marrow, several years ago, thanks to a presentation at a conference of the Society for Jewish American and Holocaust Literature. And I thought the book was terrific.

I was less impressed, however, when I found out that the journal was going to charge $15 as a submission fee. I can be antsy about submission fees even for contests that promise cash prizes. I become very nervous when a journal charges a submission fee without even the chance of earning some pay for the work.

Happily, the editor informed me earlier this week that the submission fee requirement has been removed. If you’re interested in submitting, or simply want to learn more about the project, please click here.