Moment Magazine Seeks Features Editor

“Moment Magazine seeks an experienced features editor. This editor works closely and collaboratively with other editors and writers to steer Moment’s inventive, well-researched and descriptive articles from story ideas to print. Past articles include a profile of Google co-founder Sergey Brin, the first in a ground-breaking series on Israel’s Arab citizens, a letter from Burma and the 2010 Symposium featuring Mel Brooks, Leonard Nimoy, Ruth Bader Ginsburg and many more. The perfect candidate will be a well-rounded, inquisitive, patient, friendly individual who will work tirelessly to turn good ideas into great stories and do much more in our small office. Four-six years of magazine experience. Knowledge of Jewish/Middle East politics, culture, history and religion is helpful. Moment Magazine is a national independent publication of Jewish politics, religion and culture co-founded in 1975 by Elie Wiesel and Leonard Fein. This is a wonderful opportunity to join the team of a magazine Slate calls a ‘must read.’ Salary is competitive with other nonprofit publications and commensurate with experience.” More info/application instructions here.