Moment Magazine Seeks Student Bloggers

This just in from Moment magazine’s e-newsletter:

Moment Magazine is recruiting bright, inquisitive, and diverse student contributors for our blog “In the Moment.” Moment is the world’s largest independent Jewish magazine, and our blog gets upwards of 10,000 hits a month. As a student blogger, you will write one post a week on topics of Jewish politics, religion and culture. This is an incredible opportunity for young writers to develop their skills and benefit from the expertise of our team of experienced editors. At the end of each semester, the three bloggers who have generated the most web hits will receive a cash prize. To apply, please send an application consisting of the following to nelis(at)momentmag(dot)com by October 10, 2010:

  • Your name,age, university and major.
  • 1-2 short paragraphs on why you’re interested in Jewish issues and what unique perspective and background you bring to the blog.
  • 2 short writing samples.
  • 4 specific, original ideas for blog-posts you’d want to write.
  • Good luck!

    2 thoughts on “Moment Magazine Seeks Student Bloggers

    1. andie says:

      Writing for nothing is never good — an undisclosed prize for the number of page hits? Plus the blog gets 4 specific, original ideas for posts from every applicant? The winner here seems obvious, and it’s not the poor student writer.

      1. Erika Dreifus says:

        Andie, that’s a valid point. I wouldn’t have posted this had I not believed that for a student writer, a positive experience with an established magazine like Moment could prove to be valuable for the long term. Plus, there is *some* payment promised. But you are right to raise your objections.

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