Call for Submissions: Bride of the Golem: An Anthology of Humorous Jewish Horror

I don’t see calls for submission like this one every day. From the pseudonymous “Gus Ginsburg”:

I will be editing the book “Bride of the Golem: An Anthology of Humorous Jewish Horror” and am seeking stories to include in it.

The stories can employ a new Jewish twist on a mainstream horror theme (e.g. a tale about a Hassidic vampire mohel or about the Lubbavitchers reanimating Rebbe Schneerson). Or they can reinterpret horrific elements in classical Jewish folklore like the Golem or dybbuk. Or they can venture into entirely new territory.

Stories of this genre that I like: Etgar Keret’s “Quanta”, Shulamit Hareven’s “The Emissary”, Shalom Auslander’s “Prophet’s Dilemma” and Nathan Englander’s “Reb Kringle,” to name just a few.

This editor seeks “10-12 publishable stories by new and upcoming authors” and says that s/he “will see that you are paid $500 for your story, though it may take some time for you to receive your payment as I have to get an agent and publisher on board with this project. I will also solicit 2-4 stories by better-known authors in order to make this volume a bestseller at Jewish book fairs.”

For more information, check the announcement.

(via Duotrope)