Seattle-based Summer Class: Jewish Identity in Short Prose

I’m always pleased – and intrigued – when I see writing conferences and centers offer classes like this one, scheduled for four weeks this summer at the Richard Hugo House in Seattle:

Jewish Identity in Short Prose: This class is for aspiring writers interested in examining some themes of Jewish identity in short prose. We will begin by exploring short works including Yiddish tales and works by writers such as Issac Singer, Franz Kafka, Grace Paley and others. We will form our own classroom-driven definitions of identity and other terms of discussion. The instructor will offer various writing prompts to help students generate fiction or nonfiction.

For details on the class, visit the Hugo House’s summer catalog (and scroll down). (But be forewarned: If you adhere to what I’ll call “full” Shabbat observance, you will be disappointed to see that the class meets on Saturday mornings.)