Anthology Seeks Work from Jewish Women Writers

I’ll admit that I was a little surprised when I saw this call for submissions, which showed up on a list I subscribe to titled PayingWriterJobs. I was surprised because there’s no payment for selected work. But, as I’ve said before, because the publication opportunities with Jewish-themed magazines and websites are more limited than those that I feature on Practicing Writing and in The Practicing Writer, I relax the “must-pay” standard when I post opportunities for writers on My Machberet. So here you go:

Shalom Dear Writers:

I’m looking for submissions to a new anthology, JUST BETWEEN US — Jewish Women Get Personal. The stories should be personal true slices of life showing how you have grown, overcome challenges, gained wisdom, etc. All subjects are welcome: Dating, marriage, pregnancy, birth, nursing, raising children, mikveh, holidays, living in Israel, divorce, widowhood, illness, grandmotherhood, etc. Humor is welcome. Poetry, too!

See some of the stories in the new Jerusalem Free Weekly: The Jerusalem Observer.

You will gain exposure, an important writing credit and the chance to work with a motivational writing coach and editor.

There is no payment for submissions.

Please do not send work that was previously published in print form. Web-published work (or work published only in local papers) is acceptable.

Any length. Deadline: Pesach 2012.

Please email your submissions to: lepon(at)012(dot)net(dot)il

Shoshana Lepon

Editor: Heartbeats; Jewish Writers at Their Best & Heartbeats II; Jewish
Writers at Their Best
, Targum Press