Anna Davidson Rosenberg Poetry Awards Update

I’ve been wondering what was happening with the Anna Davidson Rosenberg Poetry Awards for Poems on the Jewish Experience. I routinely enter (and lose) this competition, and it seems to have a spring deadline. I wasn’t finding any updates online for this year’s contest, and then, lo and behold, an email message arrived this morning.

The message was from Michal Mahgerefteh, publisher/editor of Poetica Magazine, Contemporary Jewish Writing and Art, and it informed me that the 2013 competition is being administered by the magazine.

The contest is open to all writers, irrespective of ethnicity or religious affiliation. Poems should address “Jewish Experience.” There’s no entry fee, and the deadline for 2013 is November 15. “Total prize money of $3000 will be distributed between 1-3 places and honorable mentions.”

You can find full guidelines here.

Thanks to Ms. Mahgerefteh for contacting me.

2 thoughts on “Anna Davidson Rosenberg Poetry Awards Update

  1. H.K. Rainey says:

    Hey, Erika,

    I was just looking at your info on the Anna Davidson Rosenberg Prize, but my computer won’t load your link. I was just wondering if the site was having problems or if the link address might be wrong. Do you have any idea?


    H.K. Rainey

    1. Erika Dreifus says:

      Hi, H.K. It’s working fine for me, but if you’re having trouble, why not Google the Poetica Magazine website and work from there? Good luck!

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