My Machberet to Host May Jewish Book Carnival

It’s my pleasure to invite contributions for the May Jewish Book Carnival, which will be hosted here on My Machberet.

You ask, what is the Jewish Book Carnival?

Per the Association for Jewish Libraries, the Carnival’s headquarters, it is “a monthly event where bloggers who blog about Jewish books can meet, read and comment on each others’ posts.” It aims “to build community among bloggers and blogs who feature Jewish books, and it runs every month on the 15th.”

You ask, how do I participate?

Send me a link to an item–a review, an author Q&A, a podcast or video–that you’ve featured recently on your own blog/site (larger magazines, organizations, and collectives are invited to take part as well). See the September 2013 Carnival for a sense of how I present the information (and earn extra points for sending me draft text for your chosen item).

You ask, I’m an author–can I send you a post about my own book?

Please do not do so. The Carnival is not intended for self-promotion.

You ask, is there a deadline?

Yes! I encourage you to send your item as soon as possible, but absolutely no later than 5 pm on Tuesday, May 13.

You ask, just checking–any payment for participating?

Unfortunately, no. For me, participation is a service to both the Jewish and literary communities. That’s why I take part and offer to host every so often, and why I make sure that I send links each month.

I look forward to seeing the links that our generous participants send in this month. And please, everyone, check back on the 15th for the Carnival! Thank you very much!