My Niece’s Mitzvah Project

If you want to be technical about it, Alexis isn’t my niece–she’s the daughter of one of my three first cousins. But she calls me “Auntie Erika,” and I love her to pieces. Which is why I’m so proud to share the project she has undertaken prior to being called to the Torah as a Bat Mitzvah.

In her own words:

Please sign up for my ProjectSave18 group. This is my Mitzvah Project and starting April 1, I will be posting facts about organ and tissue donation daily. I will be doing this throughout the entire month of April, Donate Life month. My grandma Alexis was in need of a heart and kidney transplant and partly because of this she passed away. Please help me spread the word by this cause by joining my group and sharing with all of your Facebook friends.

(Interestingly—or maybe it’s not so interesting, since it IS Donate Life month—an item from crossed one of my social-media accounts a few days ago on the subject of “misgivings and misconceptions” re: organ donation.)

Alexis is also raising funds for the New Jersey Sharing Network. (Yes, Auntie Erika has already offered a contribution.) If you happen to be in the Plainfield, New Jersey, area, you can help out tomorrow, April 22. Just take a look below for more info.


Now, cue “Sunrise, Sunset,” as I leave you with the first photo of Alexis and Auntie Erika together, nearly 13 years ago!