Jewish Book Carnival: July 2017

The The My Machberet blog is proud to serve as July 2017 host for the Jewish Book Carnival, a monthly event where those who cover Jewish books online “can meet, read, and comment on each others’ posts.” Organized by the Association of Jewish Libraries, the Carnival travels around and is hosted on a different participant’s site on the 15th of each month.

Herewith, the July 2017 Jewish Book Carnival:

  • Heidi Rabinowitz at The Book of Life Podcast interviews Tammar Stein, author of the middle grade novel The Six-Day Hero.
  • Over on Jewish Books for Kids, Barbara Bietz features an interview with editor, publisher, and author Arthur A. Levine.
  • Deborah Kalb interviews a variety of authors on her website, Here’s a link to a Q&A she did with Jonathan Levi about his novel Septimania.
  • Jewish author Samuel Griswold reviews The Golem and the Jinni by Helene Wecker, a Jewish fantasy novel set in 1899 Manhattan.
  • At Life Is Like a Library, “19 Tammuz” marks the second yahrzeit of Gizella Schapiro, a”h. Several books bring back fond memories of Chava Pinchuck’s mother.
  • Over on the Jewish Book Review, Rivka Levy interviews Sheyna Galyan, author of the “Rabbi David Cohen” series, and comes away with several messages.
  • In “A Golden Age of Jewish Media, Part One” (the first installment of a planned series covering Jewish blogs, podcasts, publishers, etc.), Mitchell Weitzman focuses on Jewish newspapers, magazines, and other print/online periodicals.
  • Right here on My Machberet, I offer a quick (and totally uncomprehensive) preview of fall #JewLit).
  • And Yael Shahar reflects on the pleasures of promoting other people’s books.
  • Quick note: I’ll be offline for a few days, so comment moderation may be delayed. Thank you for your patience!

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      Thank you for hosting, Erika! A lot of good stuff.

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