NPR Is Looking for Hanukkah Stories

Back in 2011, I was commissioned to write an original short story for National Public Radio’s “Hanukkah Lights” broadcast. But this year, they’re trying something new. And I’m passing along a message I received this week:

“This year, we’re looking for [Hanukkah-themed] stories that are previously written and approximately 1,200 to 3,500 words in length. Authors must own the entertainment rights to the story, agree to grant permission for use to include broadcast and on and be willing to help edit the story for radio use. Submissions are due ASAP to Katie Anastas, at kanastas(at)npr(dot)org.”

I’m told that payment will be $500 per story, and I’m also told that they “prefer fiction.” (I am just the messenger here, folks. Please direct any questions to Katie Anastas, whose email address you’ll see just above.)

(cross-posted from Practicing Writing)