MOMENT Magazine Seeks Short Fiction

Posted here with permission from Susan Keselenko Call, Moment‘s fiction editor:

Moment Magazine is putting together a fiction issue this summer and we are looking for previously unpublished short fiction, up to 4,000 words. We do pay a small fee—in the $300-350 range. Flash fiction/graphic stories, etc. also welcome. (Not entirely sure what the pay scale will be for shorter work but DM me with questions.) Please send work to me before May 1 at collsusanj(at)gmail(dot)com THANKS!”

NB: If you’re sent a submission to Moment‘s fiction contest, and would like to have the same piece considered for this fiction issue, please re-submit to Susan directly and indicate that you’ve already entered the piece in the contest. Note also that for this opportunity, Susan has indicated that Jewish content “helps” but is “not a strict requirement.”

6 thoughts on “MOMENT Magazine Seeks Short Fiction

  1. Allison Ofanansky says:

    Is there a submission fee for this?

    1. Erika Dreifus says:

      There is not.

  2. Just wondering–could the email have a typo? Could it be K rather than J as her name states?

    1. Erika Dreifus says:

      I don’t think so. I copied it directly from a call that she shared. But I’ll ask her, and if there’s any change, I’ll be back.

  3. Bobby says:

    You wouldn’t expect a scam from a prestigious magazine, but that, apparently, is what this was.

    There was something very weird from the outset about this supposed call for submissions. Why was it not publicized anywhere normal, besides this blog post?

    I received the following form rejection, made to sound like a “higher-tier” personalized rejection (though it doesn’t mention my name). Strangely, it states that there was only one story selected from all the entries, even though the call for submissions was ostensibly for an entire “fiction issue.”

    Since the letter ends with a flattering suggestion that I submit my (rejected!) story to their contest (with a $25 dollar entry fee), I have to conclude that this is some kind of scam.

    “Good morning,

    “Thank you for submitting your short story for Moment Magazine’s summer literature issue. We received a large number of wonderful submissions—yours included — and the selection process was difficult. Unfortunately, we could only publish one story and I’m afraid yours could not be included.

    “However, your story is a good candidate for the Moment Magazine-Karma Foundation Short Fiction Contest. The deadline for the 2018 contest is January 15, 2019. For contest guidelines and to submit, please click on You can read last year’s winning entry here

    “We really appreciate your interest in Moment and hope that you will enter the contest.


    “Susan Coll
    “Contributing Editor
    “Moment Magazine

    “Marilyn Cooper
    “Culture Editor
    “Moment Magazine”

    1. Erika Dreifus says:

      Bobby, thank you for the update. I’m not sure that I would call this a “scam,” but I agree that it’s not the outcome I would have expected. Since the summer issue ended up being focused on “literature” rather than “fiction,” I wonder if there was some change along the way that I was not told about. I will let Susan Keselenko Coll know about this comment and we’ll see if she has any response. Thank you again.

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