Pre-Shabbat Jewish Literary Links

The words "Jewish Lit Links" are printed over what appears to be a portion of a Torah scroll.
Every Friday, the My Machberet blog presents an array of Jewish-interest links, primarily of the literary variety.

  • Welcome to the world, Tel Aviv Review of Books! (And thank you, Rachel S. Harris, for the tip!)
  • The winter issue of Jewish Review of Books arrived yesterday. (Limited access available to non-subscribers on the website.)
  • I routinely enjoy Deborah Miller’s book reviews on And since I’m helping Jewish Storyteller Press publicize the latest title that she’s written about there, I was especially eager to read her enthusiastic take on that book, the first English translation (by Tina Lunson) of Jacob Dinezon’s 1877 bestseller The Dark Young Man.
  • “Survival, in the end, feels like an insufficient word to explain her existence….Even as she died, she provided a master class in how to live.” From Franklin Foer’s beautiful tribute to his grandmother.
  • And, as you’re likely aware, it was shortly before Shabbat last week that the sad news broke about the death of Israeli author Amos Oz. I’ve been curating some of the subsequent tributes over on Twitter.
  • Shabbat shalom.