Monday Morning Market/Job Listings

Hope you all had a great weekend. Below, the latest batch of opportunities.

Casagrande Press is now taking submissions for four new anthologies: Surfing’s Greatest Misadventures 2; Golf’s Greatest Misadventures; Fishing’s Greatest Misadventures; and Wedding’s Greatest Misadventures. Pays: $100 plus four copies. Check the site for specific volume deadlines.


There’s still time (but not much) to submit an essay for possible inclusion in Chicken Soup for the Wine Lover’s Soul. See the announcement posted at The Renegade Writer blog.

==========, an online magazine for women, is “looking for freelance writers at the beginning of their career who are looking to be published; we pay minimal ($25 per article) but do have national and international readership. We are looking for travel, health, career, automotive and other feature story ideas in particular.” See the announcement here.


LOTS more submission calls, contests announcements, and other opportunities are coming up in the July issue of our very own Practicing Writer newsletter. If you’re not already a subscriber, please click here (it’s a free e-newsletter, and we keep e-mail addresses confidential). Expect the issue by week’s end in your e-mailbox. (Subscribers can also always check the archives.)


The Graduate School of Business at Stanford University is looking for part-time writing specialists. See the announcement here.


PEN America, the literary journal published by PEN American Center, “seeks an experienced and exceptionally well-organized full-time Managing Editor.” Check the announcement at the PEN Web site.


The University of Southern California is looking for a Director for its Master of Professional Writing program. See the Chronicle announcement.


Manhattanville College (Purchase, NY) seeks a Director for its Academic Writing and Composition program. See the announcement at

Markets, Markets

Early Tuesday morning our newsletter went out to subscribers, so they were the first ones to hear this news:

And now, an important update: During May I also somehow managed to update two of our excellent e-books. As always, I’ve removed “dead” listings, checked and updated links, and added new possibilities for you to pursue. So now’s the time to get your new directories of “Paying Essay Markets” and “Paying Markets for Book Reviewers.” As usual, you can download complimentary previews of each guide for sample listings:

Please note that I will continue to update these two e-books, as well as the Primer on Low-Residency MFA Programs and the Guide to No-Cost Literary Contests and Competitions. It’s clear to me that a real need exists for these four texts. Their contents are not easily found elsewhere (if at all). Practicing writers seek them out.

Now, you may recall that a year ago I made one of our e-books available at no cost, because I saw that similar resources were available, also at no cost, elsewhere on the Web. That was our directory of paying short story markets. I haven’t updated that book in a year.

Now’s the time to withdraw that directory from further circulation. I don’t want any of you referring to a resource that’s increasingly out-of-date, regardless of the cost (or lack thereof). So at the end of June, I’ll be removing that book from our offerings.

At that time I’ll also withdraw three other e-books, including the directory of paying poetry markets and the contest directory for writers of book-length fiction. I’m not seeing enough need to merit the very time-consuming updates, and again, I’m not willing to offer you “aged” material, even gratis.

So here’s the deal: The four e-books I’ll continue to update will remain available for purchase. And you newsletter subscribers are the first to know that throughout the month of June, you’ll be able to “buy” the other four e-books AT NO CHARGE. After June 30, those four titles will be retired. So please get your copies, and tell your writing friends to visit so they can benefit, too.

Writing About Family and Friends

Here’s something memoirists (but not only memoirists) have to deal with: writing about family and friends “so they’ll still speak to you.” Hana Schank’s essay offers some tips from Schank’s own experience. But in the end, as Schank concludes, “Either you’ve got a family and friends who, despite it all, will love you and invite you to holidays, or you don’t.”

Anthologies, Anthologies

Received via e-mail yesterday, with permission to republish (note that these guidelines should be published at the Cup of Comfort Web site shortly):

A Cup of Comfort Call for Submissions

The bestselling Cup of Comfort book series is actively seeking inspiring true stories for six new volumes (see below). We seek narrative nonfiction stories that read like fiction. Stories must be uplifting, original, in English, typed, titled, and 1000-2000 words.

$500 grand prize; $100 ea. all other stories; copy of book. No entry fee.

Email submissions to wordsinger(at)aol(dot)com. No attachments; one submission per email. Include full name, mailing address, email address, phone number.

For detailed writer’s guidelines:

A Cup of Comfort for Single Mothers

As Oprah Winfrey has often said, parenting is the most difficult and important job in the world. It can be even tougher for single mothers, who face all the usual parenting challenges plus a whole set of unique ones. But single motherhood also brings many untold rewards. For this anthology honoring single mothers, we seek inspiring personal stories that speak to the challenges, positive experiences, and extraordinary relationships of single mothers and their children. The majority of stories in this collection will be written from the single mother’s point of view, but the book will also include some stories written by children of single mothers as well as by third parties with intimate knowledge of the single mother and her children.
Submission Deadline: 3/20/07

A Cup of Comfort for Horse Lovers

This anthology celebrating the powerful, almost magical, bond between horses and humans will feature inspiring true stories that reveal the extraordinary impact these magnificent creatures have on the people who ride, own, raise, train, race, care for, and rescue them. We want stories that portray horses as companions, helpers, messengers, healers, teachers, heroes, and inspirational forces in people’s lives as well as stories about the incredible things that people do out of love for a horse or horses.
Submission Deadline: 5/15/07

A Cup of Comfort for Cat Lovers

Cats are among the most fascinating, entertaining, and endearing pets on earth. For this collection, we seek the best cat stories never told—original and compelling testaments to the deep connection between cats and the people who love them as well as heartwarming and humorous tales about truly amazing felines. Most of the stories in the book will be about domestic cats (pets), but we are also interested in stories about feral and exotic cats.
Submission Deadline: 7/01/07

A Cup of Comfort for Breast Cancer Survivors

It has been said that “stories are medicine” and that “one of the most valuable things we can do to heal one another is to share our stories.” This volume gives the healing power of story to women (and men) who have survived breast cancer, enabling them to share their inspiring triumphs and courageous trials with others who have beat breast cancer as well as with those who are currently dealing with breast cancer. We want uplifting stories about the experiences and emotions involved in battling and surviving breast cancer. Possible story themes include but are not limited to: diagnosis, treatment, emotional impact, support systems, healing practices, coping mechanisms, effect on loved ones, effect on personal and/or professional life, life after recover, prognosis, positive post-cancer outcomes.
Submission Deadline: 8/15/07

A Cup of Comfort for Spouses & Children of People with Alzheimer’s

What happens when the person who raised you or the person with whom you raised your children slowly becomes a child who doesn’t know you? What if that loved one changes so drastically that he or she is virtually a stranger to you? What if that person is difficult to deal with and requires substantial assistance? How will the reality of having a spouse or parent with Alzheimer’s affect you and your family—emotionally, financially, physically, socially, personally, professionally? The inspiring stories in this collection will answer those questions and more—and will show how love prevails and how lives thrive when a spouse or parent has Alzheimer’s.
Submission Deadline: 10/15/07

A Cup of Comfort for Divorced Women

Divorce in the 21st century should come with an instruction manual, a release valve, and a support system. This anthology will serve essentially those three purposes, in the form of comforting, insightful, and inspirational stories about surviving and thriving during and after divorce. We seek uplifting, contemporary stories on a wide range of topics of importance to divorced women—including but not limited to: dating, children, relationship with ex, in-laws, finances, friends, solitude, personal transformation, healing, revenge, mending fences, the ex’s new wife or lover, rediscovery of self, empowerment. The majority of stories will be written by women who are or have been divorced. Stories can be poignant, irreverent, humorous, witty, or wise.
Submission Deadline: 12/31/2007

New Contest from Inside Higher Ed

Here’s something especially for our practicing writers-who-teach, perfectly appropriate for this Valentine’s week.

To celebrate the launch of its new “Dual Career Search” feature, Insider Higher Ed is sponsoring a contest: “Commuting for Love”: “Readers are invited to submit stories of their challenging academic commutes–1,000 words or less. We’ll post the best stories on Inside Higher Ed–and pick one couple to win a round-trip airfare between any two U.S. cities (up to $500).”

(And Insider Higher Ed “will send a box of chocolates to the first five academic couples who report that they found jobs in the same city using the Dual Career Search.”)

More info on the contest–and the Dual Career Search–available here.