Editorial Internship: American Horticultural Society (Pays: $9/hr.)

In my latest Web wanderings I ran across this (paying) internship program with the American Horticultural Society. It’s open to “any college-level student of journalism, English, horticulture or related fields, and to adults with relevant experience who are making a career change or seeking additional training.”

Interns work with the staff of The American Gardener magazine, gaining experience “in all facets of the editorial and production processes for a national, four-color magazine. Primary duties include researching and writing short articles, proofreading and fact-checking, and coordinating author and photographer submissions.”

Internships run for 3-6 months in spring, summer and fall. “Internas are paid $9.00 per hour and work a 37.5 hour week.” Application deadlines are November 1 for winter/spring; March 1 for summer; and August 1 for fall.

For more information and application materials, click here.

Editorial Internship (Calgary: Pays $1,000/month)

Up! Magazine, the in-flight publication of WestJet airlines, seeks an “engaging writer and tenacious fact-checker interested in bringing the magic of a travel tale to various multi-media platforms” for an editorial internship. “A successful candidate will have a post-secondary education in journalism or a related field and at least a year of experience in travel and tourism media. You write, edit and proofread effectively and have great communication skills. Your skill set includes fluency in Microsoft Office, Adobe InDesign, various Apple suites, including GarageBand and online content management software.”

Application deadline: August 16, 2006.

To read the full announcement, check Jeff Gaulin’s Job Board.

For New York-based Writers

Also found this part-time writing opportunity–an internship in New York paying a “small monthly fee and out-of-pocket expenses”–over at craigslist:

We are a non-governmental independent media company working on issues of poverty, disease and hunger in poor and least developed countries. We are looking for writers with experience in covering meetings, conferences, press briefings and conducting interviews. This is an internship position at the United Nations. Please respond with a detailed resume and bylined stories. This internship position calls for considerable time spent at the Secretariat covering a wide range of events, conducting interviews, making presentations and interacting with Ambassadors at Permanent Missions to the UN. Please own a laptop and digital camera. Ability to upload stories onto the Web and perform layout functions on the company website will be considered an added asset.

See the announcement for yourself (with contact information) here.