More Paying Short Story Markets

Well, my job is done. It was time to update the Directory of Paying Short Story Markets, and as of this evening, the latest edition is online and available!

The previous version was published in August. As in summertime. As in four months ago. It’s unbelievable how quickly things change in this field. I update these market directories at least three times each year, because I want to make sure anyone buying them obtains the most up-to-date information I can possibly provide. It’s part of the perfectionist in me, I guess.

This new directory is a case in point. Several publications included in the August edition (including Conversely) are now on hiatus–with no clear hiatus end date in sight. So while I’m sad to see them go, they’ve been cut from the new version.

And some publications have moved to new addresses (both on the Web and in their “real” offices somewhere on the planet). You need to have that information, too.

Despite the “cuts,” this e-book is still even more packed with publishing possibilities than the one it replaces. There are now 110 print and online publications included, all of which tell you up front (that is to say, online) what they’re looking for and how much they’ll pay for it. You won’t have to e-mail for the guidelines or guess how much these paying markets actually pay.

But enough blabbing. Go check it out for yourself. You can even download a free preview of the new e-book, complete with sample listings, right here!