Literary Journal News

Earlier this month, Dan Wickett announced a terrific offer via the Emerging Writers Network: “The offer is simple – pay for one less journal than your order. Subscribe to 3? Pay for 2. Subscribe to 4? Pay for 3.”

As Dan correctly notes, these journals “are frequently where authors of literary writing first publish. Think about it. You pick up a book by a first time author and read the notes beneath his or her photo. They frequently mention having published stories, poems or essays in two or three journals, the names of which you recognize. Recognize, but perhaps have not ever read, or seen.” And that’s too bad. We writers rely on these journals; the journals should be able to rely on us. This offer really helps. Dan has assembled a truly impressive list of participating journals, so be sure to check it out.

And here’s some related news: that list includes The Chattahoochee Review, which recently appointed me a Contributing Editor. As you can imagine, I am thrilled and proud!