Magazine for International Students Seeks Submissions

Maybe it’s just me being hypercautious (something I’ve been called many times!) but I’m always a little skeptical of online job announcements from publications that don’t include a link to a website. Sometimes, however, just a little extra research can reassure me. Not only do I come to feel that I know the publication a little better (which certainly helps me if I actually do want to pitch an idea its way) but it just makes the publication itself seem more legitimate and professional.

Today, for instance, I saw an announcement on for World Scholar, “a news and lifestyle magazine for the over 13 million international students studying and living in the United States.” The magazine accepts articles, student profiles, and columns. As you’ll see if you read the announcement, columns (up to 900 words) pay $45; features pay $.10/word.

I thought about posting this for others who might be interested, but I didn’t want to do that without at least looking for the magazine first. And I think I found it. Here.