Postal Rates Change

Here’s an important reminder for all practicing writers in the U.S.: postal rates change as of January 8, 2006 (this Sunday). I managed to buy a bunch of 2-cent stamps to use with my trove of 37-centers yesterday (and also extended my P.O. Box rental for another year). So if you plan on mailing any submissions or taking care of other postal business in the immediate future, make it very immediate to take advantage of the current rates, and be sure to remember to include appropriate added postage for any SASE’s (last time the rates went up I ended up having to hunt for submission responses months later from more than one journal that simply did not use the old SASE, and wouldn’t/couldn’t make up the difference on its own).

One thought on “Postal Rates Change

  1. Scott Barker says:


    Yet another rate increase and some reflection

    Well effective tomorrow yet another postal rate increase. The price to mail a first class stamp goes up to 39 cents. It’s a good thing I use the internet to pay my bills, send my cards. This event has caused me to do a little reflection on the history of what we like to refer to day as The United States Postal Service.

    Postal Privacy Act of 1992

    This bill, introduced in Congress by Rep Marcus P. Simmons R-Tennessee was little known outside of postal circles and passed with little fanfair. This bill was sweeping and had an immediate effect on the employess of the day. With the signing of this bill into law it’s most immediate effect was to eliminate the jobs of some 3,500 postal employees who either were reassigned or were let go altogether.


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