Humor Magazine Seeks Submissions

Found this one on Chicago Craigslist:

“The online humor magazine FLYMF ( is looking for submissions.

Criteria: We’re looking for pieces that are, well, funny. Take a look at the site to see the kind of stuff we publish. We like to think that we’re smart but not above being raunchy if the joke calls for it, but we could be full of it.

Send your fiction, essays, poetry, shorts, comics and movies to

Please send submissions in the text of an email. Profanity does not guarantee humor. No Onion ripoffs.

* Compensation: $1.00/100 words; maximum $20. Comics: $10. Poetry and movies: Variable. Payment on publication.”

Full announcement here.

One thought on “Humor Magazine Seeks Submissions

  1. jasonstauffacher says:

    Dear Erika Dreifus,

    I am looking for a writing partner for accountability to share and challenge my book that is in progress. I wanted a partner who is interested in that partnership for me to help him or her to do this. My idea is to write about a real love story that happened to me between me and a Malaysian woman I met over the Internet, got married and the marriage failed as fast as a month. It is a travel-log of sorts, personal journey and www. with love and intrigue. IF you know anyone or if anyone in this blog community is interested, contact me directly at my blog or my personal email: Cheers and all that. Jason Stauffacher

    Collected Quotes from Albert Einstein:
    “Any intelligent fool can make things bigger, more complex, and more violent. It takes a touch of genius — and a lot of courage — to move in the opposite direction.”

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