Outdoor Life’s 2006 Ultimate Adventure Contest

So here I am back at the blog. And I’ve found an interesting contest with a March 1 deadline. There’s no entry fee (too bad I didn’t locate this before the January update of our Guide to No-Cost Literary Contests and Competitions.)

Anyway, the 2006 Ultimate Adventure Contest seeks “your wildest hunting tale, craziest fishing adventure or the most hair-raising survival experience you’ve ever had (in 750-1,000 words) and we’ll see which writer captures the spirit of spine-tingling adventure best.” The winning piece will be published in Outdoor Life, and its author will receive $500. Runners-up will have their entries published on the magazine’s Web site.

You can submit via e-mail or postal mail. Just be sure to submit by March 1.

For more information and the official rules, click here.

One thought on “Outdoor Life’s 2006 Ultimate Adventure Contest

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