Call for Submissions: Futurist Fiction

High Country News, a newspaper that focuses on the American West, is planning a one-time science fiction issue, “imagining what the West might look like in 50 years, if we were to create what Wallace Stegner once called ‘a society to match the scenery.'” The newspaper seeks stories of a sustainable future in the American West. “We’re not looking for idyllic utopia, necessarily, but a realistic assessment of people and their place in the landscape.” Since the winning story (or stories) will complement a dark tale (the West during a massive drought), “we’re looking for something to balance the grimness. A few positive trends that we’ve identified in recent years include a growing ecological restoration movement, dense, ‘New Urbanist’ development in lieu of sprawl; and blossoming local economies.

The submission deadline is March 30, 2006. Word limit: 3,500 words. Payment: $.30/word, on publication. Send via postal mail–no simultaneous or multiple submissions.

For the full announcement, click here.

(Via PayingWriterJobs)