Discovery at the Doctor’s Office

Yesterday mid-morning I put the computer to “sleep” and headed over for a quick medical appointment (everything’s fine!). While I waited to hear my name called, I flipped through the magazine collection (doesn’t every writer do this?) and found an intriguing new offering: Wondertime. I liked it, so I’ve done a little bit of follow-up research.

According to its Web site, Wondertime, produced by the editors of Disney’s Family Fun, is dedicated to “helping parents nurture their children’s love of learning. A blend of how and why, Wondertime inspires moms of infants through 6-year-olds to see the world through the eyes of their children, and to celebrate the wonder of this all-too-fleeting time.”

Although the magazine is not accepting unsolicited work at the moment, the editors are currently looking for a particular kind of contribution: “For a new section of Wondertime in which parents swap their experiences, techniques, and general tricks of the parenting trade, we would like to hear your answers to the following question: What are your favorite ways to teach your child basic manners–please and thank you, friendly greetings, acceptable interruption techniques (Excuse me!), and other everyday niceties?” If your letter (with attribution) is published, you’ll receive $75. For more information/submission guidelines, click here.