Another Research Gleaning

A couple days back I wrote about some market tips gleaned from my recent research conducted while updating our directory of paying short story markets. I held back on one piece of news, however, because something in the announcement didn’t make sense to me.

It concerned submission dates for an upcoming Southern Review special issue. So I contacted the journal and they just wrote back with a clarification. Now I can go ahead and tell you what I found!

The Southern Review announces a call for manuscripts to be considered for a winter 2007 special issue, “Writing in the South.” There’s an extensive explanation at the Web site detailing exactly what they’re looking for in fiction, poetry, creative nonfiction and criticism.

Remember, this is a paying market.

Also remember that this journal does not normally read manuscripts during June, July, and August. For this special issue, though, they’ll begin considering submissions on August 1, 2006. Submit work by October 15, and mark your envelope “Writing in the South.”