Are You a Lazy Housewife?

A new Web site,, seeks humorous, witty writers. “If you can come up with ridiculous cleaning ideas, such as strapping scrub brushes onto the bottom of your feet to clean a shower stall, and write a clever article about it, we need you!”

Pay rates are quite low ($13/article, maximum), but they are pay rates, and the articles they’re looking for are pretty short.

This is what they’re seeking:

“Silly Cleaning Tool ‘Invention’ Articles”

“Ridiculous Cleaning Articles”

“Fictitious News Stories”

“Funny Stories”

“Ridiculous Cleaning Idea”

“Ridiculous Cleaning Tips”

Note that submissions “should be ridiculous, witty, and creative–in fact, the more ridiculous, the better. This website is not meant to be taken seriously; its purpose is to give housewives (and others) a good laugh. But please remember…there is a difference between ridiculous and stupid.”

For details about the article categories, plus submission information, check the Web site.

One thought on “Are You a Lazy Housewife?

  1. Katherine Huether says:

    Hi Erika, I just discovered your blog. This market looks like a lot of fun. Thanks for sharing!

    Katherine Huether

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