Attention, Writers in Scotland!

If you currently live, work, and/or study in Scotland, you may want to look into this competition.

The Eco Prize 2006 for Creativity awards a prize of £1,000 to an “Emerging Talent” plus a prize of £1,000 to an “Established Talent.” According to the guidelines, “work by students (whether taught or self-taught), school pupils or community groups, and by fledgling artists within three years of course completion, should be submitted as works of ’emerging talent’. Work by established creatives and creative companies should be submitted as ‘established talent’.”

The prize is awarded “for a creative, literary or artistic work which positively and imaginatively inspires people to be environmentally-friendly and adopt greener lifestyles.”

Submission deadline is June 30, 2006. There’s no entry fee.

Read the very extensive terms of entry/submission guidelines right here.